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Riding Lessons run with the school terms.

(Normal lessons apply on Public Holidays)

You can join Centura at any time during the term.

Our April school holiday programs are running over the dates of the 1st of April until the 13th of April. Please find attached forms HERE.

Term 2 is commencing soon! Please find attached Term 2 Enrolment forms HERE

Terms 2024

Term 1 - Monday 29th January to Sunday 31st March

April School Holiday Program - 1st April to 14th April

Term 2 - Monday 15th April to Sunday 30th June 

July School Holiday Program - 1st July to 14th July

Term 3 - Monday 15th July to Sunday 22nd September 

September School Holiday Program - 23rd September to 6th October

Term 4 - Monday 7th October to Sunday 15th December

Before your first lesson

Before your first lesson at you must fill out a registration form, assumption of risk form, along with signing our terms & conditions form before you ride.

Please make sure you bring these with you to your first lesson or they will be provided in the office when you arrive for your lesson (please allow time for this).

Helmets and boots are available for your use.

Lunge Lessons

We adheres strictly to the principles of riding on a lunge, which is necessary when beginners are introduced to horse riding.

Giving lessons on a lunge line allows the rider to gain an understanding & feel of the horse along with balance & co-ordination. 

They will also help to improve posture, balance, rhythm and seat. 

Riders will ride on the lunge until they are confident and secure to move on to a group lesson.


Beginner Lunge lessons are offered Monday to Saturday.

These are 30 minutes in duration. Cost $80

Bookings can be made in the mornings or afternoons Monday to Saturday.

You can join Centura at anytime during the term.

After the first lesson if you wish to rebook & continue on your new journey.


Assessment Lessons

If you have had a break from riding, or are new & have riding experience we need you to have an assessment lesson to work out a plan for your future riding lessons.

Our aim is to get you in to a group to suit your ability & by having an assessment lesson we can decide which group you are most suited for, or you may prefer to stay in private lessons.

Group Lessons

  • Are one hour in duration.

  • All group lessons at our school are graded by standard of riding as opposed to age of the rider.

  • Run Monday to Saturday.

  • Monday to Friday : 4.15pm, 5.30pm and 6.30pm

  • Saturday: 7:45am, 9am, 10:15am, 11:30am & 2pm    

  • Group lessons can be paid for in advanced, for the entire term or payment may be made week ahead.


Showgrounds North

  • Offers horse riding lessons for all levels of riding ability.

  • We cater for the young rider to adults in either groups or in private lessons.

  • You or your child will be assessed in a private one on one lesson, to decide which group and pony will be suitable for the level of experience (Cost $65).

  • Group lessons run with the school terms, including Saturdays (new riders are welcome to join at any time during the term)

  • In the school holidays we offer fun packed programs to suit all ages & abilities.

  • Private lessons can be booked Monday - Saturday through the term and during the holidays.

Private Lessons 

​We offer 30Minute, 45Minute and 1Hour private lessons. 30Minutes costing $80, 45minutes costing $100 and 1Hour's costing $125



  • BSB: 633000

  • Account Number: 200 933 786


Riding Attire

An approved Safety Helmet is required to be worn at all times when around the horses.

We do supply a small range but recommend that you purchase your own, our choice of Equestrian Retail Shops is Horseland MIDLAND for which we have discount vouchers available.


Please make sure that you wear tight well-fitting pants that come down the full length of the leg to the boots, not jeans... along with a collar and sleeve shirt to your riding lesson, which must be tucked in.  

Riding Boots or short boots that have no tread on the bottom or zips/clips that can get caught. Sneakers/Trainers cannot be worn.



We ask for all spectators to stand/sit in the viewing area & not walk/run around the horses in the yards at any time.

Enclosed footwear is required for all especially young children all year round.

Small children need to sit quietly with their parents while lessons are going on. Parents are responsible for siblings when on the property.



At Showgrounds North we ride in all weathers. Please be well equipped for rain or shine.

We advise all riders to bring water bottles & wear sunscreen all year round.

Please have waterproof jackets that are well fitted so they do not flap about when riding.

In the event of severe weather during the lesson eg; lightening - all riders will be asked to dismount & a stable management lesson will carry on for the duration of the lesson in the undercover area.

In the unlikely event that we should cancel your lesson due to weather conditions a make up lesson will be provided within 14 days.


Car Park & Drive 

Please keep your speed down when driving in & out of Showgrounds North.

We ask you to drive very slowly pass the Black arena as there are often young horses being trained & they can get a fright.

Remember to be considerate & patient with horse floats that are trying to turn around.

Please be aware of children & animals AT ALL TIMES.


Treats for horses

We ask if you bring bags of apples or carrots for the horses to please give to a member of staff to add to the horses feed later.

You are welcome to give the horse you are riding a treat that day under supervision of your instructor.

Do not feed horses over the fences as this is encouraging horses to nip/bite.

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