Schooling Horses

We take great pride in ensuring our horses are well schooled enabling them to provide adequate training for their riders. Each horse receives individual training from our experienced staff members upon arrival at Centura. The training continues while the horses are being used in lessons to ensure their soundness and happiness. Many people are under the impression that schoolies get overworked and become sour in the riding school. That is however a myth. We ensure that all of our horses have an even work load each day and cap their hours at a suitable amount. After all, our number 1 mission is to look after the welfare of the horses.

Our staff training the horses all have experience in various disciplines such as dressage, show jumping and eventing. The training happens under the watchful eye of Roz Tippett. Each training session works the horse in a forward movement with a connection to the hand. The correct technique helps the horse build muscle and stamina which is carried over to the lessons being thought. It is important for horses to build the muscle strength to carry their riders and work correctly when being used for lunge lessons, private lessons and group lessons.

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