Horse Care - Drenching

Drenching horses every 6 months for the reduction of sand build up is paramount in Perth. When horses eat hay that have been on the ground, especially during the raining seasons when sand bounces up onto the hay, causing the horses to digest sand. Sand accumulation in the ventral aspect of the large colon can be a life-threatening issue for horses. The increased weight in the large colon acts like a pendulum and can cause displacement of the remainder of the gastro-intestinal tract, resulting in colic.

Drenching with paraffin oil and epsom salts will help remove sand from the horses' gastrointestinal system. Each of our schoolies require this method to avoid the devastating colic. It is a routine that we follow strictly to avoid the discomfort sand colic can cause to the horses. Together with the drenching, we also use sand flush to get rid of the majority of the sand in the gastrointestinal system.

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