Riding Pony Certificate


The Riding Pony Certificate can be undertaken after the Arab Certificate is completed.

Here is what is involed in the Riding Pony Certificate.



  1.  Alter stirrups and girth whilst mounted

  2.  Know trotting diagonals and how to change them

  3.  Able to be lead file

  4.  Trot school figures without stirrups

  5.  Walk and trot over poles

  6.  Trot over a small jump

  7.  Walk, trot and canter on the flat


Horse Management

  1.  Correctly fit, halter & tie up pony using quick release knot

   2.   Able to put on and take off a saddle.  

  3.  Able to unrug safely

  4.  Pick up and pick out hooves

  5.  Know parts of the hoof

  6.  Name parts of the horse

  7.  Safely feed pony in yard


The Thoroughbred Certificate can be taken after completion of the Riding Pony Certificate