Shetland Certificate



The Shetland Certificate is aimed at those children having lunge lessons.

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The Riding Part will be carried out over the course of your childs lessons.

It will cover ;

  • Mounting & Dismounting (with mounting block if necessary)
  • Demonstrate upright & suspended positions
  • Walk & Trot on the lunge (show rising, suspended & sisiting trot)
  • Demonstrate exersises while riding ('round the world, touching toes, half sissors...)

The Horse Management can either be completed within your childs lessons or on one of our Shetland Certificate holiday programs.

  • Approach & handle a pony correctly (from nearside shoulder)
  • Name grooming brushes & use them correctly
  • Name simple parts of the horse
  • Names simple parts of the saddle & briddle
  • Recognise basic colourings of different horses

After completion of the Shetland Certificate you can move onto the Welsh Certificate