Arab Certificate

The Arab Certificate can be under taken after the Welsh Certificate

Here is what is required for the Arab Certificate.


* Alter stirrups & girth whilst mounted

* Ride with reins in either hand

* Walk and trot on a long and loose rein & know the difference

* Walk and trot without stirrups

* Demonstrate simple school figures

* Walk and trot over cavaletti poles

* Canter of the lunge


Horse Management

* Describe what to look for when choosing a paddock for a horse/pony

* Lead a pony at the walk & trot

* Pick up & pick out hooves

* Know parts of the hoof

* Identify colours & makings of horses

* Know the difference in hands between horses & ponies

* Demonstrate oiling a bridle


After the Arab Certificate you can work towords the Riding Pony Certificate.